Taman Shud

by Taman Shud

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released March 30, 2016

Guitars/Bass - CJ Romeo
Vocals/Percussion - Zach Ganshirt

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean Fitzpatrick at the Brick Hithouse, Hyannis, MA

Artwork, photography, layout and design by Zach Ganshirt



all rights reserved


Taman Shud Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Desire as an Obstacle
Love or lust.
Peeling flesh from face.
My faults resurrected.
Bearing the point of concentration.
For you, my dear. For you.

Sacrificial delusions.
My being for your forged intimacy.
Settling an absolute demise.
For you, I offer everything.

That pose, (that one, baby.)
Suits you well,

Face me.
Worship you.
Pay no mind.
Fake your love affair.
Dress me in regalia.
Just pretend I’m the soothing voice that you hear on the radio.
Track Name: Isolation as an Omen
And then there was nothing ever noted
of the rhetoric behind an aberrant grin.
Worship of sentimentality concealed within.
Slow death, self torture.
Blood hot needles slid deep into my eyes.

Force fed with aversion, now sinking down into dark.
An internal depletion.
Fuel my emptiness.

The corner, The setting where I shunned the light.
Complacency wore thin on my being.
(Let this end.)

Demon spawn.
Captivation through false imagery.
Spectated naked flesh.
Pierce through my anatomy.

No angel. No god. No savior. No light.
Just me.

Empty, dead and empty like the dark.
Reiterate this lullaby with a series of lacerations.
Drape the walls with my viscera.
A finale to this display.
Dead and empty like the dark.

Force fed with aversion, now sinking down into dark.
internal depletion.
Fuel my emptiness.
Track Name: Contempt as an Alternative
Held at the point of sanctity and something more.
I chose the left hand path.

Sent myself to wander again.
Curiosity teamed with neglect.
So far off from where I meant to stay.
So far off from who I meant to be.
When seclusion is the reason.

Held at the point of compliance and something more.
I chose the left hand path.
Self-persuasion, now infinite.
Bound in effigy to a sensual heaven.

The illusion of comfort.
Portrayed, reflected, distorted.
Inanimate smile begs the question:
When was it last sincere?

Lost in a sunset silhouette.
Wading in empty synthetic beauty.
Left to tiptoe away on the power lines.
I sent myself to wander again,
Just tip toeing away on the power lines.
Track Name: What Will Forever Be
Soar on.
And to you, my friend, I owe high spirits.
What it meant, I can only spell out.
Easy soul, Rising sun.
Love left eternal.

Praise to a genuine heart.
Sweet ascension, assembled into light.

Never a reference to what was, but what is.
And what will forever be...
Cue the bells.
Promote the books.
Held high, a quintessential life.
And now to rejoice with soft hymns of brilliance.
Notes meant to sweep the sorrow far yonder.

Scarlet fervor of mid-July.
Spelling out a goodbye wish fit to convey
my exposed heart fleeting away.
A pronounced moment bears the memory.
The infinite fable of one single life.
The impact.
The design.
The value.
The rectitude of one single life.
Fly high.